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Gold is the #1 store of value

For thousands of years, gold has been the primary store of value for individuals and nations alike. But to trade with it, you need to validate both the quantity stored and the ownership.

Which until now, has been a challenge.

Novem Gold AG is set to transform the precious metal industry through the use of advanced blockchain technology. By creating an immutable, secure, and distributed ledger of ownership, it delivers surety for gold buyers, refiners, investors and traders.

It’s the age-old store of wealth, brought into the 21st century.


Based in Liechtenstein, stored in Germany

When anyone thinks about gold and financial security, two countries come to mind.

That’s why we’ve based Novem Gold AG in Liechtenstein (one of the safest jurisdictions for cryptocurrency businesses) and our gold reserves are stored safely in Frankfurt, Germany by Loomis.

It’s the perfect foundation for building gold-backed cryptocurrency tokens.

stored in Germany
Based in Liechtenstein

Introducing the 999.9 and Novem Tokens

Our tokens (and every transaction made with them) are cryptographically secured on a globally distributed ledger - one that cannot be altered by any government, entity, or individual.

It’s the ideal way of recording and controlling ownership of items of value… especially gold.

Using the NEO blockchain platform, we’ve created two (2) cryptocurrency tokens:

(our gold-backed token)

Directly linked to physical gold, 999.9 takes its name from the common purity measure of gold, 999.9

  • 100 tokens equal 1 gram of gold
  • Can be traded on the blockchain (classed as a ‘stablecoin’ due to its price being linked to real gold)
  • Token price is tied to gold price
  • Token is classed as a security
  • Gold reserves certified by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) – the world’s most respected gold authority
  • 999.9 tokens are not part of the ITO (initial token offering)
  • Will be tradable on Security Token Exchanges
  • Will be audited by an independent auditing company on a regular basis
  • Built on the NEO blockchain
(our utility token)

NVM, a true utility token, is used to pay for services and trading costs relating to the 999.9 gold token

  • Receive bonuses when you purchase physical gold
  • Built on the NEO blockchain
  • Provides additional benefits for current and future partners
  • Bonus paid when used to buy gold
  • Can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges

We’re changing how gold is bought, sold, and stored throughout the world

Our blockchain solutions for both gold ownership (999.9 gold token) and trading (NOVEM utility token) make it easy and safe for people the world over to buy gold and to trade value on exchanges.

Highly scalable,
secure technology

Transaction settlement in seconds, with an unalterable transaction record on the blockchain

Ability for people in unstable countries to store wealth that can be safely taken across borders in an emergency

Industry participants (such as refiners, merchants and repositories) can exchange large volumes of gold in seconds from anywhere in the world

Opportunity for anyone to safely own real gold

In-store service discounts and 999.9 benefits with NVM token

The first gold-backed token launched on NEO

NEO “utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets and automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts”.

We chose the NEO blockchain platform not only due to its incredible functionality and developer community, but because it is soon to be hardened against attacks from quantum computers.

This means long-term safety for token holders (which is important when we’re talking about significant quantities of gold).


Our Tokens

Here are three big reasons why our tokens will be highly sought after

You own the gold

Unlike some ‘gold tokens’, you actually own real gold, stored safely with Loomis AB in Frankfurt (one of the worlds most trusted cash and precious metal handling and storage companies).

Better gold prices

Our relationships with key industry players including refineries mean we can offer highly competitive gold prices for purchases.

The benefit of deflation

A small percentage of total company revenue is used to buy back NVM utility tokens, creating further scarcity.

Meet our highly experienced team

Novem Gold AG comprises a team of expert staff with a wide range of commercial experience and connections, including:
International trading of precious metals and stones
Digital development
Online and offline
Business development
Project management

Wolfgang Schmid

Chief Executive Officer, Visionary

Mario Schober

Chief Trading Officer

Christoph Klocker

Chief Technology Officer

Andreas Kalteis

Chief Marketing Officer

Partnerships with industry leaders

Novem Gold AG is partnered with some of the biggest names in technology and gold
Our Lawyers
Meet our Lawyers
Our Advisors
Meet our advisors
Our Treasurers
Meet our Treasurers

Built on proven technologies

Novem Gold AG selects technologies known for their speed and security

About Novem Gold AG

Novem Gold AG was founded by two long-term precious metals and gemstone experts with experience in international trade in Germany, Austria, and the U.A.E.

After seeing fraud, deception, and countless problems with trust and transparency in the precious metals industry, they knew there had to be a better way for people to safely buy and sell gold.

Novem Gold AG is located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, where cryptocurrency is highly regulated, and represented by Lakeside Partners in all legal matters and compliance.

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